Help How does it all work?

We tried to make it as simple as possible, but yet, here you are. Let's see...

Why are we here?

Whether it's for the love of food, an unhealthy obsession with being popular, or just as a place to store your ever-growing collection of recipes, this is the place for you. Forkd lets you find recipes, keep them, remix them and easily share them with others, all for free.

  • Fed up that you can't search the recipe file on your kitchen shelf? Add it to Forkd!
  • Inherited a box of recipes from your grandma? Add it!
  • Got some amazing creations you'd like the world to know about? Add them!
  • Hungry? Looking for inspiration? Have a look around, and start forking!
  • Think you can do better? Fork a recipe and then change it to create your own personal take on a dish!

"Fork it?"

When you see a recipe you like, Fork it! It's like sticking a fork in it, adding it permanently to your collection of recipes (your own virtual cookbook, if you will). Then it's in a nice safe place where you can find it again later and try out for yourself (there is a link to Your Recipes at the top of every page).

But it's also like a fork in the road, because of course, recipes don't always stay the same. Think John234's orange soy baby back ribs would taste better with honey? Fork it and change the ingredients! In this way, all recipes develop a "family tree", where you can always see a recipe's ancestors and descendants. Who knows, you could start a veritable dynasty!

Add recipes

Just click the "Add" button at the top of every page. Give the recipe a name, type in the ingredients, explain how to make it, and perhaps add some pictures. Give it some tags, choose who can view it, and you're done!

Try and rate recipes

Once you've tried a recipe, rate it and let others know what you thought. You'll always be able to see who gave what ratings, and the overall balance of opinion.

Tell people what you think

Did you have a small disaster while trying to cook someone's recipe? Need some help with their directions? Maybe you just wanted to congratulate them on a job well done. Every recipe has a comments section where you can tell people what you think about it.

Invite others to the party

Hit the Invite link to send out invitations to your friends and family, and allow them to join in the fun. You have your own Favourite Chefs list, detailing the priviliged people who you have chosen to share your culinary delights with. You will also get updates about the recent activity of your Favourite Chefs, so you can be the first to try their latest masterpiece. More on recipe sharing and privacy

Add photos to your recipes

Adding photos to your recipes is easy. We integrate beautifully with the Flickr online photo community, so if you upload your photos to Flickr, you will then be able to add them to a recipe in a couple of clicks. However, if joining another online community is just one login too many for you, then you can use the handy file uploader to take the files straight off your computer and put them onto your recipe. More on recipe photos