Help How do I add photos to my recipes using Flickr?

What is Flickr?

Flickr is, quite simply, the best way to put your photos on the web and share them with other people. And we’re guessing you have lots of food photos!

Forkd helps you to connect your food photos on Flickr to your recipes here on Forkd. You could say Forkd and Flickr go together like ice cream and apple pie.

Get a Flickr account (This will open Flickr in a new window.) It’s easy to sign up and will only take a couple of minutes.

So how does it work?

It’s simple for Forkd users to add Flickr photos to their recipes. On one of your recipe pages, just click “Add Flickr photo” and follow the 3 steps below:

Illustration showing how to add Flickr photos in 3 steps

Simply tell Forkd your Flickr screen name, and then paste the URL (web address) of your Flickr photo into the Forkd page. Forkd can also search for a certain tag or set belonging to you. So if you have multiple photos to add, give them all the same tag in Flickr, or add them to a new set, and then add them to your recipe all at once by entering the tag or set name in the box, as shown above.

What about deleting photos?

You can remove a photo from your recipe at any time, whether you added it from Flickr or uploaded it from your computer: just look for the little "x" in the top-right corner of the photo

Note: if the photo was added from Flickr, you don't have to worry about accidentally deleting it from your Flickr account; by clicking the "x", you are just removing the photo from your recipe page.

"User not found"? Help!

If you try to add a photo and get an error back saying "Flickr Error 1: User not found", don't panic! First of all, check that you entered your Flickr screen name correctly.

If you're sure it's correct, go and take a look at your privacy settings on the Flickr website. There is a checkbox that says "Hide my profile from searches"; if this is checked, then you are operating in stealth mode on Flickr (you sly devil, you). If you want to add photos to Forkd, you will need to un-check this box.

My photo wasn't found. Why not?

If you have marked your photo as private on Flickr, our photo search won't be able to find it, so make sure it is public.

Also, if you have only just added your photo to Flickr, it may not appear straight away when you search for it on Forkd - sometimes it takes a while before Flickr makes it available for everyone else to search. In this case, leave it for, say, 5 minutes, and then try again. If your photo is still not appearing in the search, and you are sure you have correctly entered the URL/tag/set name, then contact us and we'll look into it. Please include as much information as you can: your Forkd username, your Flickr screen name, what text you entered in the search, and the recipe you were trying to add photos to (the recipe number can be found at the top of the recipe page, in the green information bar).