Help What is licensing/privacy?

Every recipe comes with its very own licensing and privacy settings. This lets you decide whether people can make a copy of your masterpiece, and whether you want to share it with the world or keep it to yourself.


When you create your recipe, you'll get to choose from one of two settings:

Creative Commons: Attribution (recommended), this allows others to fork your recipe and change it, allowing your recipe to build a dynasty. They can share the recipe around, and you are credited accordingly... good for the community.

Copyright, this means that others will be able to see the recipe but not fork it. This protects your recipe from being copied... but really doesn't fit well with the forkd community. Please use it sparingly.


You will also have the following privacy settings to choose from:

Public (recommended), this means your recipe can be seen by anyone, even people who aren't registered users. All the more people who can tell the world how great it is!

Private, this means your recipe is only visible to certain people who you allow. The groups of people you can allow are currently nobody but me, friends only, family only and friends and family. Anyone who doesn't meet the privacy criteria will not be able to see your wonderful recipe. But then maybe you don't think it would be safe to release on an unsuspecting public? We'll leave you to decide.

I can't change the licence/privacy on my recipe?

Think carefully about the settings you choose for your recipe; if someone forks it, and then you decide you didn't want it to be Creative Commons after all, it's too late because your recipe has already started its own dynasty! If we let you change it now, all those people who have copied your recipe would suddenly be violating copyright.

If you really don't want people to see your recipe, you could always delete it. But again, any existing forks of your recipe will remain available on the site. So it's best to think about this at the very start, when you are adding your recipe.

If you fork a recipe from one of your Favourite Chefs, you might find that some of the privacy options are disabled. If they only wanted their recipe to be seen by friends and family, we can't go letting you fork it and then make it public, can we? So basically, if you fork a recipe, you won't be able to make it "less private" than it already is. You can make it "more private" though, if you want.