Help How do I add photos to my recipes?

You have two choices

  1. You can upload digital photos directly from your computer. As many as you wish!
  2. You can store your photos on Flickr, the cool photo site from Yahoo!, and just pull them in from there.

How do I upload photos?

On any of your recipe pages, just follow the steps below:

  • Step 1. Click “Upload photo”
  • Step 2. Click “Add” and find the photo on your computer's hard disk
  • Step 3. While it's uploading, you can add more photos if you wish
  • Step 4. When you have finished uploading all the photos you want, click “Done” to add them to your recipe

Illustration showing how to upload photos in 4 steps

Or, find out how to add photos using Flickr.

What about deleting photos?

You can remove a photo from your recipe at any time, whether you uploaded it from your computer or added it from Flickr: just look for the little "x" in the top-right corner of the photo.

It says my file is invalid. What do I do?

The photo uploader accepts only JPEG photo files. This is the most common format for photograph files, and almost all digital cameras in the world use it, so normally you shouldn't have a problem. If your file is of any other type, Forkd will spit it back quicker than you can say "soufflé". If your photo is in another format such as GIF, BMP or PNG, then any decent graphics/paint program should be able to convert it to a JPEG for you.

And just to show that we are merciful, we will allow the extensions of your files to be either ".jpg" or ".jpeg". How can you argue with generosity like that?