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Blackberry Vodka

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Added by tim on 29 October 2007 (0 descendants)

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Blackberry vodka


Makes 20 servings

  • 400-500g blackberries (other soft fruit can also be used)
  • 150-200g sugar
  • 700ml vodka (preferably stronger than 40% alcohol by volume)

Preparation (Some HTML is OK)

Freeze the blackberries for at least 8 hours.
Add the sugar and frozen blackberries to a 1 litre wide necked bottle or jar.
Add enough vodka to make it up to 1 litre, or to fill your container.
Shake daily for 2 weeks, then at least once a week for another 4 weeks.
Strain and press the blackberries through a sieve, or use a juicer.
Filter the liquid.

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