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The family tree of manouche's Cajun Fried Egg Sandwich

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    mrtom2985 added Cajun Fried Egg Sandwich on 25 October 2007
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      manouche forked it on 18 December 2007
      Changed - it's now called Cajun Fried Egg Sandwich
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      Cajun Fried Egg Sandwich by mrtom2985

      OK so it's barely worthy of an entire recipe to itself, but I thought I would share with the world a tasty snack you can make very quickly, even if your cupboards are practically bare. Just a small twist on a fried egg, but makes all the difference in my opinion. Might just be exactly what you fancy...

      Added on 25 October 2007

      • Serves 1
      • Prep: n/a
      • Cook: 5m
      • Difficulty: 1-Piece of cake
      • 2 Forks
      • 1 Descendant
      • Not tried yet

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