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Chicken Broth with Kale and Pork

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Added by winjer on 5 March 2008
Sandy forked this on 4 November 2008 (6 descendants)

Description (Some HTML is OK)

A tasty, easy and low-carb recipe adapted from Nigel Slater's recipe in the Guardian.

Use good stock for this recipe - just like a ramen the quality of the stock contributes a lot. That said, fresh supermarket stock is certainly good enough.


Makes 2 servings

  • For the pork balls
  • 300g minced pork
  • 2 small red chillis
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 onion, chopped
  • chopped fresh parsley or dried parsley
  • For the broth
  • 1l chicken stock
  • 300g Kale leaves

Preparation (Some HTML is OK)

Put the pork in a mixing bowl. Add the finely chopped chillis, crushed garlic, parsley to taste and a good seasoning of salt.

Mix thoroughly and roll into around 12 balls.

Warm a pan with a little bit of oil, add the pork balls and cook them till they are browned on all sides.

Boil the stock, add salt and pepper then lower in the balls.

Turn down the heat and let them simmer for 5-7 minutes until cooked through.

Remove the tough parts of the Kale stalks and cook for a couple of minutes in boiling salted water, then drain.

Add the Kale to the stock, and serve immediately.

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Comments (2)

  • forkstar said on 07 Apr 2008:

    Just added Thai Soup with Pork Balls which, although not a direct 'fork' of yours (it was a mash-up of two other random recipes) is quite similar!

  • fjordaan said on 24 Apr 2008:

    Totally my kind of food. Very nice, but next time I'd reduce the garlic a bit.

    fjordaan forked this on 22 March 2008 He tried it and rated it 4 stars

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