The family tree of offmessage's Halloumi Curry, on Forkd

The family tree of offmessage's Halloumi Curry

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    offmessage added Halloumi Curry(1) on 6 February 2011
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    Bob forked it on 30 January 2014 (view)(1)
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        Halloumi Curry (1) by offmessage

        A really tasty curry - the garam massala and cinnamon balance the heat of the chillis and the richness of the tomatoes nicely, while the Halloumi gives an interesting alternative to meat. This is a simplification of the Halloumi Curry recipe on The Superflux blog (thanks to Anne for pointing me t...

        Added on 6 February 2011

        • Serves 2
        • Prep: 15m
        • Cook: 45m
        • Difficulty: 2-Pretty easy
        • 3 Forks
        • 3 Descendants
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