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Lemon Cotswold

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Added by GerryW on 4 May 2014 (0 descendants)

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Failsafe and fancy, simple and scrumptious. Lemon dessert to impress.


Makes 12 servings

  • For crumb base
  • 40g of butter - any kind.
  • 150g of sweet biscuits - any kind.
  • For lemon filling
  • 300g cream cheese - low fat works just as well as full fat.
  • 410g can of evaporated milk- MUST BE CHILLED FOR 24 hrs.
  • 2 lemons
  • 1 lemon jelly
  • 2 tablespoons of caster sugar

Preparation (Some HTML is OK)

1. Put evaporated milk in fridge at least 24 hours before you need the dessert - (buy a can NOW and leave it in there- its bound to come in useful sometime!)
2.Dissolve the jelly in a small amount of water - 30 secs in microwave helps.
3.Set jelly liquid aside to cool.
4.Gently melt butter in pan and add crushed biscuits ( poly bag and rolling pin do the trick) The biscuit mixture should appear fairly dry - resist the temptation to add more butter.
5. When cool enough to handle, use biscuit mix to line base and sides of your loose bottom cake tin - no need to be ultra neat (unless you have neatness issues) Just press biscuits mix as evenly as possible over base and up sides as far as the mixture will stretch.
6. Beat cream cheese with sugar.
7. Add grated zest of 1 lemon to cheese mixture - or leave it out.
8. Add juice of both lemons to jelly mixture.
9. Add jelly slowly to the cream cheese - its worth being careful here because it will give you a smooth, creamy mixture - about the consistency of pouring cream
10.Beat the evaporated milk - me. I use a mixer but do it by hand if you like the pain!
11.Evaporated milk will become thick - consistency of whipped cream - peaks etc.
12. Gradually fold lemon mixture into evaporated milk - it will thicken further. make sure all lemon mixture is incorporated.
13. Brief final stir and then pour into lined cake tin.
14. Refrigerate and serve - 6 hours min. but its worth trying a wobble after 4hours if you're in a rush. Could probably freeze it for a couple of hours too but I've never tried it.( Let me know if it works)
To serve
Leave at room temperature for 30 mins before serving. Decorate as you like or leave completely plain. It works topped with most kinds of fruit or chocolate or whipped cream.
You can use a smaller cake tin - serving 6- 8 people and the left over lemon mixture works fantastically well as a lemon mousse - layer it with sponge and fruit etc or grated chocolate. Or just fill up small glasses/ ramekins for an everyday pud.

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Comments (1)

  • GerryW (recipe author) said on 04 May 2014:

    You can't fail with this. It's a versatile recipe which you can adapt easily and It looks great and tastes divine.

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