The family tree of offmessage's Moong Dhal with Mushrooms, on Forkd

The family tree of offmessage's Moong Dhal with Mushrooms

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    offmessage added Moong Dhal with Mushrooms(1) on 30 April 2017
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    Moong Dhal with Mushrooms (1) by offmessage

    A really satisfying warming vegetarian dish that makes two generous portions. No need for any accompaniments, just this will do. Moong dhal (yellow splite peas) used to be difficult to find, but any large branch of the main UK supermarkets stock them now, and their nutty flavour is a real bonus in t...

    Added on 30 April 2017

    • Serves 2
    • Prep: 45m
    • Cook: 1h 30m
    • Difficulty: 2-Pretty easy
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