The family tree of offmessage's Murgh (Chicken) Masala, on Forkd

The family tree of offmessage's Murgh (Chicken) Masala

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    offmessage added Murgh (Chicken) Masala on 5 October 2014
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      tomwardill forked it on 9 February 2015 (view)
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          Murgh (Chicken) Masala by offmessage

          Rich, creamy curry that can be made anything from beautifully mild to fiery hot. The recipe here is fiery hot, but by taking out some, any or all of the fresh chillies and cayenne pepper you can balance the heat to your taste. It's simple to make, too, and there's no marinading required. Each servin...

          Added on 5 October 2014

          • Serves 2
          • Prep: 15m
          • Cook: 1h
          • Difficulty: 2-Pretty easy
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