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Rosanna's Easy Cheesy Pork Fillet

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Added by scunnydelight on 19 June 2014 (0 descendants)

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From Rosie's dad:
"When Rosanna was small and we were still in the restaurant business we used to go to the Dean Court Hotel for Sunday lunch. So this particular day the manager came over to take our order and asked Rosanna first; she, having read the menu at the age of three years old, answered "Two cheesy Pork Chops please!"

This is a version of that dish."


Makes 4 servings

  • 600gm pork Fillet
  • 200gms mushrooms
  • 1 large clove of garlic
  • I red or 1 green pepper - whichever you prefer
  • Good Virgin Olive oil
  • Knob of butter
  • 1 medium sized Spanish Onion
  • Standard Tin of Campbell's low calorie condensed mushroom soup.
  • Small amount of milk
  • 3 cupfuls of Basnmati Rice
  • Bottle of cold Dry white wine
  • 150gms mature Cheddar
  • Optional extra double cream or creme fraiche if being good
  • Salt + black pepper, tablespoonful of Dijon mustard or English at a push
  • Half a cupful of frozen peas to put through the rice (optional)
  • Three slices of proscuitto ham (optional extra)
  • Sharp Knife, wooden spoon, garlic press
  • Le Creuset type heavy pan and aluminium pan for rice and small frying pan to fry the proscuitto. Sieve for the rice. kettle of water

Preparation (Some HTML is OK)

Fill wine glass and test flavour of white wine.
Cut the pork fillet into medallions-allowing about 5 each, Place onto a plate and add the mustard, grind black pepper over the meat and rub thoroughly through all the pork and allow to rest.
Fry the proscuitto in the small frying pan in a small amount of until crisp. DO NOT LET IT BURN. Drain and place on a sheet of kitchen paper and "pat" dry to get rid of excess oil.

Finely chop onion then wash chopping board and knife to prevent onion taste overpowering other ingredients and next cut pepper into narrow 1 inch long strips put both in pan and add garlic through garlic press(if you haven't got a garlic press just thinly slice garlic) and half the butter. Pour over a splash of Olive oil and using wooden spoon thoroughly mix all together to coat with oil. Allow to rest for a few minutes whilst you roughly chop the mushrooms.

Put pan of salted water on to boil for the rice.

Start Sauteing / sweating the onions and the strips of pepper all the while adding a little water and wine until the onions are becoming transparent, then start adding mushrooms as you go along. Now put the pork fillet into the pan and stir to separate the medallion, and again adding a little water and white wine. Add salt to taste, and after 5 minutes of this add 1 third of the mushroom soup and half a cupful of milk to thin the soup down.

By now the water should be boiling, add the 3 ups of rice. DO NOT STIR WHEN RICE IS IN PAN AS IT RELEASES STARCH AND YOUR RICE WILL TURN GOOEY. Turn kettle of water on to clear the rice of starch, meanwhile warm plates for meal, plus serving dishes for rice and pork

lf you can be bothered, place the peas in a small pan with enough water to cover them and boil for 5 minutes; meanwhile test flavour of white wine again.

Now add the cheese and another third of the mushroom soup to the pork. When the cheese has melted add the rest of the mushroom soup and stir adjust salt/ pepper to taste if necessary and when the sauce is creamy stir in double cream or creme fraiche. Now turn heat off

Crumble proscuitto.
Drain rice through sieve into sink pour boiling water over, tip peas into rice in sieve and shake up.
Place rice in serving dish, ditto with pork and sprinkle with proscuitto.


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