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Sweet Onion and Chicken Curry (3) by offmessage

An almost dry dish with very little sauce. This is beautifully balanced; the heat from the chillis is offset nicely by the sweetness of the onions and coriander, making for a really interesting and quite subtle set of flavours. It's really easy to make too, with only a little prep and a short cooki...

Added on 1 March 2008

Brinjal (Aubergine) Bhaji (3) by offmessage

A sumptuous side dish; rich and filling. The richness and oiliness make it hard to eat a lot of this dish, but it acts as the perfect foil for sharper dishes. Absolutely gorgeous. This is a simplification of the Boorani recipe in the indispensable Madhur Jaffrey's Curry Bible.

Added on 1 March 2008

Spicy Green Beans (2) by offmessage

Simple way of preparing green beans, inspired by Hawthorne's comments on my Lemon and Coriander Chicken recipe. Subtle flavours make this a suitable accompaniment to pretty much any dish.

Added on 16 February 2008

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  • Prep: 5m
  • Cook: 10m
  • Difficulty: 1-Piece of cake
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Sour Baked Chicken Curry (3) by offmessage

There's no question that this dish splits people in two. Those that like a little soured yoghurt, and those that don't. I cooked this for Claire and she simply refused to eat it due to there being nothing to temper the sourness of the yoghurt. Personally I really like it, but you have been warned...

Added on 16 February 2008

Vietnamese Pork (4) by winjer

This is another recipe from the awesome Madjur Jaffrey's Ultimate Curry Bible. It's an unusual fusion of Thai and Southern Indian cooking that is franky superb. It profits from using pork loin, one of the best cuts of meat it's possible to use. Supermarkets do sliced pork loin that's ideal for ...

Added on 7 February 2008

Cabbage Sabzi (3) by offmessage

This is a really interesting way to serve cabbage that not only goes perfectly with curries but any robust food (a nice lamb stew, for instance). Because of the way it cooks down you'll need more cabbage than you think.

Added on 2 February 2008

Hot Spicy Chicken Curry with Yoghurt (3) by offmessage

This is a hot curry with a really satisfying thick sauce. The fennel seeds, garam masala and fresh coriander are vital to the flavour, balancing out the heat with a touch of aniseed and sweetness. Serve with naan bread and daal.

Added on 26 January 2008

Spinach Bhaji (5) by winjer

Spinach is a fantastic vegetable, rich in lots of marvellous vegetably goodness, and very tasty to boot. This is a great way of serving it as a side dish to a curry. The big problem with spinach is it's uncooked bulk - really you want a 1/2 pound to a pound of spinach per person for this dish, w...

Added on 24 January 2008

Slow cooker chicken curry in a tomato sauce (1) by simonwheatley

A slow cooked chicken curry in a tasty tomato sauce. Slow cooker food is brilliant, one set of prep then pop it all in and go (back) to work... so easy.

Added on 21 January 2008

Indian prawns and rice (3) by claire

A simple one pan easy supper - based on Tangy tomato rice.

Forked on 21 January 2008 and since changed

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