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Vietnamese Pork (4) by winjer

This is another recipe from the awesome Madjur Jaffrey's Ultimate Curry Bible. It's an unusual fusion of Thai and Southern Indian cooking that is franky superb. It profits from using pork loin, one of the best cuts of meat it's possible to use. Supermarkets do sliced pork loin that's ideal for ...

Added on 7 February 2008

Cabbage Sabzi (3) forked from offmessage

This is a really interesting way to serve cabbage that not only goes perfectly with curries but any robust food (a nice lamb stew, for instance). Because of the way it cooks down you'll need more cabbage than you think.

Forked on 7 February 2008

Prawn and Chorizo Paella forked from tepic

This is a quick and easy paella cooked all in one pan. You can use uncooked/fresh prawns if you prefer, but frozen precooked ones work just fine. If you're feeding more people add the chicken and extra rice, and maybe a roughly chopped bell pepper or two.

Forked on 2 February 2008

Chilli forked from casino

does what is says on the tin.

Forked on 24 January 2008

Boiled Rice (1) by winjer

There is a bit of an art to cooking rice. This is the easiest method, which uses large amounts of water. The other methods are steaming and the 'absorption method'. If you have the counter space for an electric steamer then it's worth getting one just for cooking rice. If you don't, then this ...

Added on 24 January 2008

Spinach Bhaji (5) by winjer

Spinach is a fantastic vegetable, rich in lots of marvellous vegetably goodness, and very tasty to boot. This is a great way of serving it as a side dish to a curry. The big problem with spinach is it's uncooked bulk - really you want a 1/2 pound to a pound of spinach per person for this dish, w...

Added on 24 January 2008

Tinned chickpea falafels (5) forked from lukkie_shipwreck

This is a quick healthy meal that you can rustle up from larder ingredients. I came across the original recipe on the forums, but found they really needed some cornflour as well to hold their shape. If you double up the quantities below there's plenty for two greedy adults and o...

Forked on 21 January 2008

Spanish Sausage and bean casserole forked from casino

This colourful and tasty casserole will brighten up any autumn evening

Forked on 17 January 2008

Linguini with Clams (5) forked from eyedropper

One of my favourites. Originally blogged about here. Most (Mainly US) recipes call for removing the clam meat from the shells, or using cans of clams. I should think they’ll be even harder to find than fresh-frozen ones in the UK. personally I love sucking the shells clean! Don't put parmesan on it...

Forked on 16 January 2008

Bacon and egg cups (3) forked from Hawthorne

Inspired by something I saw recently on a blog whose name I don't recall, these make for a nice light lunch. The recipe makes 6, which nicely serves a family of two adults and two kids!

Forked on 14 January 2008

  • Serves 6
  • Prep: 10m
  • Cook: 15m
  • Difficulty: 1-Piece of cake
  • 0 Forks
  • 0 Descendants
  • Not tried yet

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