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Pasta Carbonara with mushrooms, no meat or dairy.

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Added by ed on 13 May 2013 (0 descendants)

Description (Some HTML is OK)

some quantities not listed because it's all down to personal preference and exact ingredients.

the end consistency also depends on your choice of fake milk. some fake milks will separate when used for cooking, some separate at different temperatures. some go funny when they thicken. you might have to experiment. The best all rounder I have found after trying just about everything on the market is asda own brand soy.

the olive oil replaces the taste and texture of butter and cheese so use a good one; I prefer greek as it's less spicy than italian or spanish.

it's a slightly funny colour because of the fake milk.


Makes 2 servings

  • 150g some sort of long pasta (spaghetti, Linguine etc)
  • 250g mushrooms, thickly sliced or chunked
  • 3 quorn "bacon", qourn "ham" or some other "facon"
  • 100ml soy milk/oat milk/rice milk etc
  • 2 eggs
  • crushed garlic
  • salt
  • pepper
  • decent olive oil

Preparation (Some HTML is OK)

get the pasta going... you know how to do that.

add enough olive oil to a large saute pan to cover the bottom and add the mushrooms, cook on a high heat for a couple of minutes then turn the heat right down add the garlic and cover. let them sit/simmer/whatever for about 10 minutes. The aim is to extract the juice but keep some of the bite.

Add about 50ml "milk" and stir gently; turn the heat up to about half. when the sauce starts to thicken add another 50ml of "milk" and repeat. you might need more or less "milk " depending on which one you use.

once that has reduced, add the facon, cover and let simmer for a couple of minutes to heat the "meat". If the sauce thickens too much thin it with water from the pasta.

whisk the eggs in a bowl and set aside.

save some of the pasta water and set aside

drain the pasta (it's better it's still slightly wet) and add it to the pan with the sauce; start to mix it all up while adding the eggs; you want it to coat the pasta but not scramble the eggs, again, if it's too thick add a little of the pasta water.

salt, pepper, serve.

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