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Cape Town


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Food loves: Avocado, red wine, sour dough bread, brie, chocolate, tomatoes, mangoes, garlic, capers, cheesecake.
Food hates: don't want to think about them
Food heroes: Francois Jordaan! Jeremy! Gundula! Moosewood cookbook! The Hare Krishna book of Vegetarian Cooking! Indian Delights! and never forget, Kook en Geniet!
Food villians: Those American programmes where they have food fights with pies made mainly of fake cream.
Food highlight: The first time I tasted freshly cooked green asparagus with home-made mayonnaise: I'd had tinned asparagus before and never knew it could taste so dreamy!
Food lowlight: Biting a stinkbug by mistake
Favourite utensils: The pasta lifter, a left-handed carrot peeler, and all those new fancy black plastic things Sarah gave me for Christmas
Food beliefs: Cook with love.

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