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I'm a Kentucky girl who has found herself living in Yorkshire, England, which is more like Kentucky than you might imagine. I like bicycles, blogging, books, and many other things that begin with B along with some that don't.



Leeds, England


I'm 40, Female, Taken


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Food loves: steamed mussels, raw oysters, roasted broccoli with crispy edges, hot sauce and chili peppers, anything smoked (including chocolate and tea), the perfect cheeseburger, well-made ales (and porters and stouts), creme brulee, slow-roasted impossibly tender pork roast with crackling, Mexican street food, cilantro/coriander, ginger, and, finally, pies, both savoury and sweet.
Food hates: Instant coffee, cheap American-style lager, cheap chicken (free range or do without!), and generally anything that is an example of style over substance.
Food heroes: My nan, Alton Brown, Heston Blumenthal, M.F.K. Fisher, and the Maillard Reaction.
Food villians: I wouldn't say they're villains, exactly, but I am extremely annoyed by vocally picky eaters who have to tell you exactly why everything being served is disgusting. If you don't like it, don't eat it. More for me!
Food highlight: Successfully preparing, cooking, and serving a Chinese-restaurant style roast crispy duck with all the trimmings. It took all day, involved pouring off about a cup of boiling fat every hour from a big, awkward tray, and it was delicious. Even the bones were good. I won't be doing it again, though.
Food lowlight: I love pies. But I rarely make one successfully. Lots of lowlights in my pie experiences.
Favourite utensils: A 70-year-old (at least!) cast iron skillet
Food beliefs: I think it's interesting that food television shows and blogs and 'foodie-ism' as a fad is HUGE right now, but the number of people who actually cook their own food from fresh ingredients on a regular basis is at an all-time low. Isn't it sad to imagine all these people in the world eating pot noodles while they watch Gordon Ramsey swear at actual food on the television?

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