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Food loves: Asian and South American food
Food hates: Anything with watercress and parsley
Food heroes: My sis and random restaurants along my travels
Food villians: Those evil chefs who sneak a nasty bacon rasher round a lovely piece of fish without warning you on the menu...
Eeek! No I don't want you to unwrap it in the kitchen it's still going to taste of bacon and god only knows what else you are going to do with it...
Food highlight: Discovering scallops weren't small onions after all but an amazing seafood
Food lowlight: Endless ragu, pasta, tuna and cheese at uni before fellow students took pity on me and showed me that it was actually rather easy to make your own tomato sauce.
Favourite utensils: Sharp knife and chopping board
Food beliefs: Bolling veg until they are mushy is so very wrong, unless the recipient is either too young or too old to have teeth.

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