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I have freckles around summer, and my front teeth are so social I whistle sometimes when I try to say 's'! Though besides from that I absolutely love cooking, whether it is for my family or for my friends.

And if I'm not eating, I think about food all the time while breathing.
It can't possibly be healthy, but that's quite alright, because neither is my deep fried bananas.


Oslo, Norway


I'm 29, Female, Single


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Food loves: strawberries, passion fruit, coconut, chicken, salmon, chocolate, pickles, sweet corn
Food hates: mushrooms, rocket (rucola)
Food heroes: James Martin, Giorgio Locatelli, Gordon Ramsay, Nigella Lawson, Keith Floyd
Food highlight: yorkshire pudding, pancakes, coconut rice
Favourite utensils: my red spatula, the light whisk, the kenwood, wok
Food beliefs: smoked paprika powder, vanilla extract, coriander, butter, double cream. That is my religion.

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