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I love trying out new recipes and adapting them for my picky palate ;)

Debbie is editor of The Average Gamer and founder of One Serving.


London, UK


I'm 37, Female, Taken


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Food loves: Freshly-baked pepperoni pizza. Maggi Mee Assam Laksa Noodles. Anything that's sour and spicy at the same time.
Food hates: Coriander! You may know it as cilantro.
Food heroes: Encona West Indian Hot Pepper Sauce
Food highlight: Persuading my boyfriend to learn how to cook. Now I get to sit back and enjoy his tasty recipes :)
Food lowlight: Accidentally ate some coriander-filled salsa in a restaurant once and had to spend the next 10 minutes in silence trying desperately not to vomit.
Favourite utensils: The humble table spoon.
A big-ass meat cleaver.
Food beliefs: Keep it simple. Macronutrients, micronutrients, calories, GI... who has time to keep track of all that stuff? Eat the right amount of fruit, veg, proteins and carbs, get some exercise and you'll do fine.

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