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Gave up being a chef and have enjoyed my weekends ever since.


York, UK


I'm 44, Male


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Food loves: Anything cooked by my mum
Seafood sticks (just don't tell anyone)
Food hates: Still want to like tripe but it just doesn't like me
Dried basil
Food heroes: Simon Hopkinson
Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
Food villians: Delia Smith (she used to be on my heroes list until that book)
Food highlight: Spit roasting a spring lamb stuffed with wild herbs at a party on Arran
Food lowlight: Tapas in southern spain that was advertised as home made morcilla. It was like eating a bath sponge.
Favourite utensils: My potato ricer (I'll never use a masher again) and this little wonky wooden spoon that's really good for stirring porridge.
Food beliefs: Meals make themselves when you've got good ingredients

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