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I'm 67, an enthusiastic home cook, wife and self-taught, and I collect recipes.


Sherborne, Dorset, UK


I'm 71, Male, Taken


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Food loves: Almost everything, but especially Italian food. So simple and uncomplicated, yet difficult to get absolutely right.
Food hates: CORIANDER>>>CORIANDER>>>CORIANDER.............get my drift ! !
Not keen on the texture of tripe
Food heroes: You bloggers, mainly. How you find the time with keeping a job, running the family and home, cooking, and blogging........... incredible.
Food villians: The self opinionated, arrogant pros; whose overtly pretentious cooking makes my blood boil. Thats right, you know who you are...........
Food highlight: Tony Tobin @ The Dining Room, Reigate, Surrey, UK. Beautiful food, but extraordinary service, quite the best I've met.
Food lowlight: Must have been very lucky, can't think of anything or anywhere.
Favourite utensils: It has to be a sharp knife.
Food beliefs: As a lot of you guys have said, try everything once, then you have an opinion.

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