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I can't cook. Fortunately, my wife can.

With Jared, I came up with the idea of Forkd back in 2005, designing it during a transatlantic flight to the IA Summit that year. Since then I've been Forkd's principal designer and html/css monkey, together with the talented souls at Isotoma.


London, United Kingdom


I'm 46, Male, Taken


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Food loves: Hearty stews, e.g. waterblommetjies. Sashimi. Roasts. Cheese.
Food hates: Coriander (leaf). Natto. Breakfast.
Food heroes: My wife and my mother. How predictable...
Food villians: The Village Fayre (ex-colleagues will know what I'm talking about)
Food highlight: Kaiseki in Hakone
Food lowlight: Nearly 7 years of baked potato for lunch at my previous job.
Favourite utensils: Old wooden spoons. And chopsticks are surprisingly versatile once you know how to use them.
Food beliefs: I was raised to eat whatever's put in front of me. Anything tastes good if you're hungry enough. Think of the starving children.

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