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Making food - good food - takes an immense amount of mental and sometimes physical energy. The more energy I find I can apply to it, the better the food produced. But it's hard, and sometimes I just can't do it. I just can't and I'm sorry.






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Food hates: Coriander - it does nothing for any dish. No serious chef has ever used it, and neither should you.
Food heroes: Natto
Food highlight: A lunch by a river in Japan in the springtime. It was just freshly made, slightly warm, ume and shake nigiri, with slices of sweet-salted nashi pears.
Food lowlight: A slice of pizza in Milan. The worst example of sweaty, greasy flop I have ever had.
Food beliefs: Stay hungry. This isn't just a track by Talking Heads, it's an essential life skill you must have in order to enjoy life.

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