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Ooh, something exciting. Hmm. Well, I left home at 18 with no cooking knowledge whatsoever, aside from how to heat up a pasta sauce (and the beginnings of a macaroni cheese recipe), frustrated the hell out of my housemate in France for a year with my lack of knowledge, and got to grips with cooking during my first year at uni. I've applied a fairly communist approach to cooking ever since then (I've always shared cooking duties with whoever I've lived with), so have had the chance to try out new things (both cooking and eating) ever since. Still learning.



Ninfield, UK


I'm 36, Male, Taken


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Food loves: Cheese, meat, freshness. Citrus.
Food hates: Mushrooms. Plates of beige food.
Food heroes: The 'Something for the weekend crew'. The juice master.
Food villians: Gillian McKeith - she's somehow quite clever, but has made an entire generation of people hate to be healthy.
Food highlight: Eggs Benedict on a special breakfast with my boy.
Food lowlight: Pot Noodle/Pasta 'n' Sauce - though they do sometimes help in a tight spot.
Favourite utensils: Griddle pan, sharp knives
Food beliefs: Keep it fresh, keep it colourful, keep it balanced (or die trying)

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