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I love food but don't consider myself to be a food snob. I typically prefer small family owned restaurants to the pricier five star joints.

My culinary focus these days has been on my health so I try to incorporate a lot of fresh ingredients and whole grains.


San Diego, USA


I'm Female


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Food loves: fresh herbs, fruits and veggies from the farmer's market, microgreens, good quality olive oil, nonfat plain yogurt, garlic, indian spices, fried green tomatoes, buttermilk cornbread, homemade sorbet/ice cream
Food hates: fat-free dairy products (with the exception of plain yogurt)
Food heroes: mark bittman, rick bayless, sylvia woods, jamie oliver
Food villians: fast food chains
Food highlight: homemade mac-n-cheese with chicken, spinach, duxelle of mixed varieties of mushrooms, and four cheeses with fried green onion garnish
Food lowlight: a father's day omelet i made when i was in 7th grade that consisted of eggs, pickles, olives and whatever else i could find in the frig...ewwww
Favourite utensils: chef's knife, mandoline slicer, china cap strainer, french oven
Food beliefs: keep it fresh and simple and always try to buy locally grown produce.

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