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London, England


I'm 37, Female, Taken


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Food loves: bruschetta, any sort of lebanese food, aubergines.
Food hates: i hate any sort of fish and i can't stand tomato ketchup! eee.. brussel sprouts are the worst too.
Food heroes: my grandad! he is totally amazing, and i've never had better roast potatoes.
Food villians: nestle and the makers of that crap chocolate you get in lidls. ... and my mum
Food highlight: Summers spent at my Aunts house, with a kitchen full of cousins and a warm aga - eating hommity pie.
Food lowlight: i ate KFC - once - my first ever time at the age of 26 and i'd never been so sick in my life. Any type of fast food - it's so evil.
Favourite utensils: wooden spoons, and a nice apron.

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