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Originally from Switzerland, moved to the UK (thankfully just when the food was starting to improve).

Physicist by training, internet professional by trade, walker, reader, player of games both on the computer and around a table with friends, traveller, food enthusiast, artist and all-round curious mind.



Bradford, UK


I'm 47, Female, Taken


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Food loves: apricots,spinach,lemon,fish,lamb,cheese,artichokes,stews,soups,hot food,smoked food,lentils and beans,all veggies
Food hates: sugar and corn syrup where they don't belong
Food heroes: Philippe Rochat at Crissier, all the small producers who still try to do good produce in spite of pressure to cut corners
Food highlight: Philippe Rochat at Crissier, Burton-Race in London, Roasted fish in a small restaurant in Corsica, Cheese platters eaten in Verona, Herring in Copenhagen
Food lowlight: Getting served a findus ready made frozen mushroom crepe in a restaurant when I had ordered "home made mushroom crepes"
Favourite utensils: bamix :D
Food beliefs: from scratch is always best

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