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Just moved back to Calgary from London. Looking forward to trying out all the restaurants here.

All of my recipes so far appear on folkmann.ca aswell, i'll be working out a way to put them in both places.



Calgary, Canada


I'm Male, Taken


Coming soon!

His quirks and foibles

Food loves: Tomatoes, garlic, cantuccini, Vin Santo, Port (mmm)
Food hates: Peppers, lentils, peas (little green balls of mushy poison), kidney beans (blech)
Food heroes: My great grandma, mom and the guy who runs the Daddy Donkey shop on Leather Lane in London.
Food lowlight: That dodgy restaurant that made me sick all the way to Vietnam from China. Damn you!!!
Favourite utensils: Wooden spoon and my port tongs.
Food beliefs: Garlic powder should be outlawed, those who use it hung from their toenails.

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