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After making a delicious tasting but horrible looking 'worm stew' (I used spaghetti noodles in a casserole) I decided I'd better learn to cook. I love baking and was known for delivery hundreds of my home baked goodies to my son's school every December. My latest obsession is my food processor.




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Food loves: choclate, pasta, soups
Food hates: brussel sprouts, touching raw proteins
Food heroes: Paula Deen, Guy Fieri, Giada
Food villians: People who salt before tasting a dish.
Food highlight: Apple Pie or Cheesecake, I'd challenge Bobby Flay to a throw down with those anyday
Food lowlight: Worm stew .... don't ask
Favourite utensils: My Kitchenaid Stand Mixer
Food beliefs: That food tastes bests when made with love.

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