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Montreal, Canada


I'm 41, Male, Taken


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Food loves: Steak. Red juicy and tender. Mmm.
Food hates: Tomatoes before they're cooked. Ditto mushrooms.
Food heroes: Strangely, Tescos and Waitrose. They brought decent quality food to the masses.
Food villians: Kraft - have you ever inspected their ingredients list? Also any company that believes it is justifiable to market a product called Cheese Whiz (I kid you not) deserves villain status.
Food highlight: 2 years in France. Taught me to appreciate moudly cheese, smoked salmon and red wine. (Not necessarily together)
Food lowlight: Thailand. Roadside cart. Need I say more?
Favourite utensils: Knife and fork. Or fingers.
Food beliefs: No crap, no needless ingredients. No chemicals.

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