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I came to England for a whirl and got stuck. Got married and had a kid. I love to cook, but mostly I ended up in the kitchen because I'm a fussy eater. I used to spend a lot of time with my dear old dad cooking back in the day, and it's probably his fault that I have such particular tastes. But I do like basic cooking, none of that fancy schmancy gastronomical excesses.


London, United Kingdom


I'm 45, Female, Taken


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Her quirks and foibles

Food loves: Ice cream, jelly, japanese stuff, halva, bacon.
Food hates: Cheese, offal, corn syrup, Macdonalds, ready-meals, natto, raw eggs, gristle.
Food heroes: The team at Tonki's restaurant in Tokyo. Nigel Slater.
Food villians: My mom.
Food highlight: Kaiseki at an onsen.
Food lowlight: That asparagus potato thing in Luzern, Switzerland. Blaegh!
Favourite utensils: Tongue
Food beliefs: Ice cream is nirvana but very bad for the thighs.

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