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I am an American living in England. I love food and so I am a chef. I currently cook at two pubs, cook for two wonderful boys and a very hungry husband, and cook when I am bored. I figure I can always find someone to eat it.


Near St. Neots, UK


I'm 40, Female, Taken


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Food loves: Basically I love food and all of it's potential. Indian and Middle Eastern food are my current favs.
Food hates: Black pudding. It makes me ill just thinking about it.
Food heroes: My grandma and my mom, without thier kitchen know how and patience, I would still be burning breakfast cereal. Also, Nigella Lawson, she has such a passion for food.
Food villians: I think Gordon Ramsey is a good chef, but I absolutely hate his programes that show him screaming at and demeaning people in his kitchens. A commercial kitchen just cannot work that way, and I think it puts people off learning to cook because it makes things look too daunting.
Food highlight: Cheesecake, I don't eat it, but I am told I make the best cheesecake ever.
Food lowlight: Oh there are so many. I love to try new things. I very rarely stick like glue to a recipe, I see them more as guidelines. However, this leads to many disasters, but it is how I learn.
Favourite utensils: I find tongs the most useful.
Food beliefs: Try everything. Try it over and over again. I hated mushrooms for a very long time, but every so often I would force myself to try them, just in case... and, at a restaurant in Germany, I had the most tender, juicy, crisp, earthy chantrelle mushrooms served with my wild boar main. That was it. I was a convert. So I always say, keep trying new and old foods, you never know when someone is going to get it right for you!

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