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Love food. Only recently decided to try and cook better food. Made some awful dishes and some wonderful ones. Usually forget what I did when it's right!


Leeds, UK


I'm 41, Male


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Food loves: Curry, exotic; sorbets, orange rissotto, curry with mango etc
Food hates: Poor bread, no need.
Food heroes: Anyone who just somehow knows!
Food highlight: Rissotto with cream and parmesan, topped with pan fried smoked bacon and courgette.
Food lowlight: Tough meet, chicken and a curdled custard.
Favourite utensils: Stove top gnali & zani espresso maker, Gustav knives, a inca swiss nut cracker and some blue Arcoroc tumblers.
Food beliefs: I would say 1 in 10 recipes I follow taste good; where maybe 6 of 10 of my own creations work well. Following a recipe is best done by ignoring quantities and using your own judgement, otherwise the benefit of your instinct is lost and the dish often fails.

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