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Food loves: curry, chinese, thai, mexican, japanese.... but am also partial to a good old british roast dinner and all sorts of bistro-type nonsense. That all said, my favourite dinner is steak and chips!
Food hates: peas, sweetcorn, beans, pulses, seafood, game, artichokes, dark red fruit, raspberries, olives
Food heroes: St Delia, some Jamie, some Rick St, some Nigel S, some Gary R. My husband, if only he would stop being so anal about following the recipe - live a little, Doug!
Food villians: Not ever tried Gordon Ramsey or Hugh Fearsome Wittery, just because they irritate me on the tv.
Food highlight: La Carvela in Venice - quite possibly the best fillet steak I have ever eaten.
J Sheekey in London - I'm not too keen on fish as a rule, but when I go here I always pick something out of my comfort zone and end up having a fantastic meal.
Food lowlight: The chicken biryani I cooked from a recipe on here - it took four hours and was a massive disappointment. I'm not used to producing rubbish curries.
Favourite utensils: A good sharp knife is a thing of joy
Food beliefs: By all means, follow the recipe the first time out, but don't feel worried about straying from the path in subsequent attempts. Experimenting is the way to becoming a good cook, imo.

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