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Lamb tagine (2) forked from claire

This is in no way authentic, but very tasty.

Forked on 4 April 2008

Pad Thai (1) forked from Jared

This recipe is all about preparation. A classic Thai dish, and there are a hundred variations on a theme. Ours is based on a mixture of a version a friend gave us from her cooking course in Thailand and from the amazing recipe book Hot Sour Salty Sweet. Although it's street food and it's supposed to...

Forked on 30 March 2008

Autumn Lamb Stew (1) forked from claire

Yummy winter food

Forked on 25 March 2008

Baked Macaroni, Cod and Cheese (5) forked from Jared

This is great comfort food, when it's -30C outside one needs something to keep the insides warm.

Forked on 25 March 2008

Mushroom and Asparagus risotto (1) forked from Jared

A great winter warmer recipe. Get this one out when you've got people over and the snow is flying.

Forked on 25 March 2008

Everyday tangy pork (1) forked from claire

This is a very quick and tasty way to liven up pork steaks or chops.

Forked on 25 March 2008

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