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stuart and jen ... stuart was born in scotland but grew up in south africa then moved to london in 1997. jen was born in australia & has lived in minnesota, egypt & vietnam and moved to london in 2002.
we met in 2005 and discovered a mutual love of country music, travel, wine and cooking ...


London, UK


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Food loves: seafood and the entire farmyard ... & asian food
Food hates: celery, walnuts and dried fruits
Food heroes: keith floyd, nigel slater, hugh fernleigh-whittingstall, jamie oliver and our mums
Food villians: anthony warrell-thompson, mcdonalds and kfc, microwaves, ready-meals
Food highlight: any slow cooked winter foods or summer seafood barbeques
Food lowlight: ready meals ... yuk!
Favourite utensils: sabatier carbon steel knife, opinel mushroom knife and le creuset cookware
Food beliefs: buy the best you can afford ... and if your grandmother wouldn't recognise it as food don't buy it

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