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Two small children and both parents working full time - meals have to be quick, tasty and above all healthy for the spawn.


York, United Kingdom


I'm 43, Taken


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Food loves: Spicy stuff, foreign food. My "vegetable" soups (mostly because they contain a lot of bacon).
Food hates: Cucumber
Food heroes: The guy who invented haggis.
Food villians: Gordon Ramsey - I don't care how good the food is, there's no reason too treat people that way.
Food highlight: Sushi - make your own, it's not as hard as it sounds.
Food lowlight: First vegetarian meal I cooked- I cooked a normal meaty meal, but missed out the dead animal. No one told me I'd have to replace it with something. I was young...
Favourite utensils: 8" Sabatier
Food beliefs: Fast and junk food is evil - won't somebody think of the children!

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