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Scoopable Smoothies

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Added by alexebutton on 21 February 2015 (0 descendants)

Description (Some HTML is OK)


Makes 1 serving

  • Fresh or frozen fruits
  • Unsweetened soy milk or 1-2% milk (Unsweetened almond or rice milk is good also, but had zero protein)
  • 2% Unsweetened greek yogurt
  • Nuts or nut butter (optional)
  • Chia seed or psylium (optionnal)
  • Maple syrup, stevia or other sweetener (Add to taste, I rarely have to these days)

Preparation (Some HTML is OK)

* Mix everything in a blender or *whatever* bullet. Add toppings according to your fancy. This is more of a guidelines than a recipe, really. Its all about getting creative and finding the right balance. Plus it looks super cute, so it tastes better.
* Fibers’ goodness isn’t actually about being “regular”, they slow down absorption of fats and sugars, so they lessen the sugar hi or the sleepiness that comes from a big meal. You can never eat too much fiber.
* Nuts and nut butter are packed with of protein and good fat, so I always try to have some, but not more than a handful.
* When fruits are about to go bad, cut them up, lay them down on a lined baking sheet and freeze them.
* I started doing these with a large spoonful of maple syrup, but as my body adapted and started to enjoy the taste of fresh fruits, I managed to use less and less and wean myself off added sugar almost entirely. The fruits are plenty sweet themselves.
* Fruit juice is evil, its soda with a goodie face on, I never buy any. Unless there is freshly squeezed orange juice in the house, then that is just yummy to add to the mix.
* Yes soy milk is chock full of GMO. No, that won’t kill you. Every decent scientific study says GMOs are safe. We have been transforming our food’s genetic code for thousands of years. Just google ancestral corn.
* If you get the texture just right, you can make breakfast ice cream, still working on that.

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