Meet Jared's little picture Jared. Canadian, ex-Londoner, loves food whether Thai, Italian, American, Bulgarian or Greek. Partial to artery-busting sandwiches, grilled seafood and spaghetti squash, preferably followed by a good glass of Port. He does not eat peppers. And with the help of Francois' little picture Francois, Winjer's little picture Doug and Offmessage's little picture Andy, David's little picture David, Tom's little picture Tom and Manouche's little picture Antony, cooked up Forkd!

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  4. If you like someone's recipe, Fork it– then it's yours to keep, or adapt to your tastes
but what’s interesting about Forkd is the ability to alter recipes, thus creating descendants of that recipe

- Andrew Webb

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The other 20% are delicious. With fava beans