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Huevos Rancheros by winjer

I've cooked this a bunch of times, using lots of different recipes. This one is my favourite. Super simple and delicious, with a bit of a chilli kick it's perfect for breakfast. My kids love it too.

Added on 11 October 2014

Baked eggs with spinach and tomato. On toast. by winjer

Dead simple recipe, takes about 40 mins to prepare all told. Most of it is waiting, but if you don't mind standing in the kitchen slurping wine then who is counting?

Added on 25 June 2011

Leftover turkey curry (5) by winjer

We've had this a few times at christmas, to use up the leftovers. Good enough to make it worth cooking a bigger xmas turkey I think. Today we didn't have either fresh turkey stock or Madras curry paste, as called for in the recipe. For the stock, I used Knorr Stockpot Chicken jelly pot things o...

Added on 27 December 2009

Parmigiana di Melanzana (1) by winjer

Baked sliced aubergine with tomato, taleggio and parmesan cheese. This recipe is from Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escapes, which is well worth a look if you like this kind of thing. A lot of good seafood recipes, amongst other things. This is good on it's own for lunch, or would go nicely as p...

Added on 10 March 2008

Oven-baked Lamb Chops with Onion and Rosemary Sauce (4) by winjer

Once again, another Delia sourced recipe. This is straighforward and tasty, and a nice way to do lamb chops which can sometimes be unpalatably greasy. Baking them like this is good, and even without the sauce these would be very tasty.

Added on 8 March 2008

Baked Thai Red Curry Chicken with Coriander Chutney (2) by winjer

Another Delia, but this one is so simple it's hardly a recipe at all. Surprisingly delicious. Does require marinading though, so check the instructions. Any old Thai Red Curry Paste will do, we used Tesco's.

Added on 6 March 2008

Chicken Broth with Kale and Pork (3) by winjer

A tasty, easy and low-carb recipe adapted from Nigel Slater's recipe in the Guardian. Use good stock for this recipe - just like a ramen the quality of the stock contributes a lot. That said, fresh supermarket stock is certainly good enough.

Added on 5 March 2008

Vietnamese Pork (4) by winjer

This is another recipe from the awesome Madjur Jaffrey's Ultimate Curry Bible. It's an unusual fusion of Thai and Southern Indian cooking that is franky superb. It profits from using pork loin, one of the best cuts of meat it's possible to use. Supermarkets do sliced pork loin that's ideal for ...

Added on 7 February 2008

Boiled Rice (1) by winjer

There is a bit of an art to cooking rice. This is the easiest method, which uses large amounts of water. The other methods are steaming and the 'absorption method'. If you have the counter space for an electric steamer then it's worth getting one just for cooking rice. If you don't, then this ...

Added on 24 January 2008

Spinach Bhaji (5) by winjer

Spinach is a fantastic vegetable, rich in lots of marvellous vegetably goodness, and very tasty to boot. This is a great way of serving it as a side dish to a curry. The big problem with spinach is it's uncooked bulk - really you want a 1/2 pound to a pound of spinach per person for this dish, w...

Added on 24 January 2008

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